Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Story of Two Girls

I was cleaning out some stuff and I came across this story that I had written for my daughters last is a "Choose your own ending" type of story.

A Story of Two Girls

Once upon a time, two girls were playing contentedly. One was being creative with her coloring book, crayons and scissors. The other didn’t seem to know what to do with herself, so she started playing with the curtain rod that the boys had left in their wake. Suddenly mom awakened from her preoccupation and asked the dreaded four word question, “Is your room clean?” “Ah, um,” said the girl who wasn’t busy creating a game book. She knew if she didn’t come up some sort of distraction quickly that mom was going to give that dreaded four word command. She couldn’t come up with anything and mom said “Go clean your room” “Yes mommy” came the humble reply and she went to obey. The other daughter thought her occupation would keep her from being involved in the command, to her disappointment it did not.


Ending #1) So the two girls went up and cleaned their room as mommy said and lived happily ever after.

Ending #2). The two girls went up to clean their room, but were soon distracted and started playing, and weren’t allowed to have dessert so there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Which ending will you choose?


Mandi said...

Very cute!

Bobbi said...

Just stopping by to tell you BFS is back in session. Tamara is having computer problems but Nancy has taken over.