Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blogger Friend School

Assignment for Week of September 3.

A. I was first introduced to blogging when my dh and I were visiting with his family at the shore. There his niece was blogging on her laptop, I had never heard of it before and thought it was "strange" that people would want to put stuff up for perfect strangers (as well as friends) to read. A couple of years later (2003), a friend I had met online through a yahoo group started blogging and in order to read her blog, you needed to be a registered reader, so I registered for a Xanga account. I tried blogging a couple of times, but didnt really continue. It wasnt until December, 2005 that I really got into blogging. I signed up for a account and then a account. I started getting comments on my blog and visiting others blogs and leaving comments and it was so much fun getting to know people who had things in common with yourself, but lived all over the country.....and I have not stopped blogging since (Except for a few months when I did not have internet service).

B. As far as a dream place to blog, probably where I do, right here at home where I am most comfortable. I like to visit different place, but I am definitely a homebody! All my other places I would either be to busy doing other things or just thinking to blog!

C. I usually blog in the morning before school, afternoon between lunch and quiet time, or in the evening after my children have gone to bed.

D. My favorite beverage besides spring water is freshly squeezed lemonade in the summer with stevia or a cup of hot licorice & peppermint tea in the wintertime!

E. My favorite fiction book is Pride & Prejudice. Non-fiction - the Bible

F. My favorite dessert (thats a toughy) is brownies and Breyers mint chocolate chip ice cream....(and then there is blueberry pie, apple crisp, peach cobbler and watermelon)

G. A scripture that has been an inspiration to my spiritual growth is Philippians 4:8, reminding what I need to be thinking about. Another is Micah 6:8


Tracy said...

Your dessert sounds yummy!...I saw FlyLady on your links...she is on mine too.

Stacey said...

I thought the same thing about blogging before I started! Why would I want to put personal stuff on the Internet that anyone can read? lol.

I picked you as the 1st of my 10 to read since you are in PA (me too).


Nikki Angels of heart said...

Hi Kay its nice to meet you. I notice you are from Pa and I had to come by. We are from York county. :)

Have a fun day

Meg said...

Yummy! Your favorite desserts make me want to get in the kitchen and start baking. I like Pride and Prejudice too. Thanks for sharing your assignment. I look forward to visiting again in the future.

Belinda Letchford said...

Just to say I've popped in and looking forward to visiting again.
Live life with your Kids!

Jana said...

I'm in PA, also - seems there are a lot of us!

My assignment is not on my Blogger blog, it's here.

Ali said...

Hi Kay!! I found your third blog! I am really loving this blogger friend school. It has been so much fun reading everyone's answers.

God bless!