Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grocery Shopping of $50 Challenge

My husband is a contractor so paychecks are not so regular sometimes, and things can get pretty tight Just curious, what meal plans and shopping would you do for a famiy of six on 50.00 for a week (or at least 5 days). Yes, I do have an Aldi's available. I will have granola for breakfast, & mac n cheese or PB&J for lunch. So breakfast & lunch comes to about 10.00 (need honey for my granola). With our chickens we always have eggs. Milk is purchased at the farm and money for it is separate.

Some staples I will need to purchase are:
unbleached flour (approx 2.00/5 lb)
salt (i will have to break down and not get sea salt....<.50) butter (1.99 lb) 10 lbs of Potatoes - 2.99 Here are some meals I was thinking of: Poor Man's Beef stroganoff (since I already have the Cream of Mushroom soup, I should be able to make this fo 3.50).

Beef Hot Dogs should be about 3.50 if I include carrot sticks...already have ketchup, mustard & relish.....I will have a 10 pound bag of potatoes...so I can make home fries.

Ham and Potatoes Au Gratin (saw this on Grandma Rosie's site and will finally try it....will puchase turkey ham...already will have potatoes, need some crackers & cheddar cheese) bring the total to - 7.00 (but will have leftover crackers & cheese and maybe ham)

Strombolis - need a couple of cans of tomato sauce (.19/can), mozerella cheese, groundbeef) - 5.00

Reuben Sandwhiches (will need cornbeef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & rye bread...can make my own dressing) should be about 7.00, I know a couple of these meals are expensive, but I should have enough to have leftovers.

That brings my total to 50.00.....If I add 2.00 dollars...I can even have spaghetti one night.!

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