Saturday, March 31, 2007

Square Foot Gardening

Well, we are finally getting over our colds. PTL! My husband has a bunch of scrap lumber that he said I could use for my garden beds (I gave up waiting for him to make them for me). The SFG (Square Foot Garden) recommends squares to be 4X4, most of the lumber I had was just under the 4' mark or just over the 6' mark. So I decided to make 3X3 beds instead. The concept is still the same I just will need to make an extra box. So yesteray I cut some lumber to 3' (love the chop saw) and this morning I went out to hubby's garage while he was still home so I could use his screw/drill gun. My first box was assembled, I then went onto cut lumber and assemble 3 more boxes, so now I have four 3X3 boxes. YEAH! Not as many as I want, but its a start. We also started going through the compost and dirt piles to take out what was ready and see if we have enough to fill my boxes. My husband has a bunch of empty 5 gallon dry wall buckets (did I mention that he is a contractor), so I will probably drill some holes into those, fill them and plant my tomatoes in those. The nice thing about the buckets is they are portable and work with an urban backyard, so I can stick them wherever I have a little space.

My next trick is to figure out how to make these boxes and buckets look nice and not trashy. The boxes I can just paint on the outside....but what about the buckets. I also took some 4X4's that we had lying around to make a 2' border around my garden or at least on one length of it so far! So little by little my square foot garden is coming along. I just wish I had a digital camera so I can take pictures or at least film for my 35mm! The kittens will be 4weeks old tomorrow and except for the one that my husband took on his phone, we have no pictures of the kittens.

Hope everyone is having a good and productive weekend!

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