Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Psalm & Praise

I watched the first couple of chapters of "Under the Greenwood Tree" on Youtube (I have seen the whole thing on DVD and it's a good clean BBC period drama).   The movie starts off on Chrismas eve and they sing an old hymn that you don't here now adays.  That song has been going through my brain ever since......even after singing other wonderful christmas songs at our church's ladie's tea this morning (which was wonderful I might add)

“Remember Adam’s fall,
O thou Man:
Remember Adam’s fall
From Heaven to Hell.
Remember Adam’s fall;
How he hath condemn’d all
In Hell perpetual
There for to dwell.

Remember God’s goodnesse,
O thou Man:
Remember God’s goodnesse,
His promise made.
Remember God’s goodnesse;
He sent His Son sinlesse
Our ails for to redress;
Be not afraid!

In Bethlehem He was born,
O thou Man:
In Bethlehem He was born,
For mankind’s sake.
In Bethlehem He was born,
Christmas-day i’ the morn:
Our Saviour thought no scorn
Our faults to take.

Give thanks to God alway,
O thou Man:
Give thanks to God alway
With heart-most joy.
Give thanks to God alway
On this our joyful day:
Let all men sing and say,
Holy, Holy!”

Here is the link to Part 1 on you tube....the song can be found around the 7 minute mark.


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