Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Giving Thanks

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:18

After a "difficult" week last week and listening to Phillippians about giving thanks and rejoicing I was convicted that I need to change my attitude toward my circumstances. Well God provided an opportunity for us on Mother's Day. We were taking a drive and were about an hour from home. We decided to investigate a dirt road that went toward the river. It was bumpy but the kids loved it. After we finished exploring we continued down the road to our destination. Suddenly, the right hand side of the vehicle went bump, bump, bump. I said to my dh "flat tire" to which he responded "that is more than a flat tire". He pulled over and took a look at it. The tie rod which connects the wheels to the steering wheel had broken. We had passed an Advanced Auto a couple of miles back so we slowly turned around and headed back to the Auto Parts store. My husband ran in to see if they had the part he needed, while he was in the store the kids started getting restless. This verse about giving thanks popped into my head and I said to the children "What can we be thankful for?". We had answer like "no one was hurt" and "daddy is good at fixing cars". We then sang some songs. When my husband returned (they didnt have the part, but he had some things he thought he could use as a temporary fix) I decided to take the kids for a walk. During our walk, we spotted a playground through the trees and made our way to it going around several blocks. It didn't seem to have an entrance but we finally came to the road that led right into it. We spent about 10-15 minutes at the playground then went back to van (now know the shorter route). He was unable to fix it and called a friend to pick us up and we went to a diner to have dinner and wait for our ride.

The next day my oldest dd said to me "I had a lot of fun yesterday singing and playing and walking". I was thankful the Lord had reminded me of the verse and instead of sitting around and whining about being stuck we were able to create a positive memory with our family.

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