Thursday, August 07, 2008

Catching up!

It has been ages since I have blogged and my readership (large as it was ;) ) has probably disappeared (except for Jen, she is always so faithful....waving at you Jen) Anyway, our summer is winding down to an end and we will be starting school in a little more than 2 weeks.

I did something drastic regarding school this year. I am always a planner in this area and usually have all my curriculum picked out and purchased before the end of May. I had that done this year. I was going to use MFW for Em & Ab, something I had always dreamed of doing, I had everything purchased, it looked like a great curriculum except for a couple of things (no curriculum is perfect) For some reason I was not excited. I am going to use Little Hearts for His Glory by Heart of Dakota for my boys (1st & K)....very excited about that and I kept looking at the curriculum that was coming out this year....and it looked great, but that would mess up my 4 year history cycle. Well I kept reading the HOD boards and learning about the new curriculum that was being planned for next year and it sounded wonderful (almost perfect), so I prayed about it, consulted my dh and ds (dear sister) and did something I never did before....3 weeks before I am to start school, I sold my dream curriculum and purchased the HOD curriculum !!! I am VERY EXCITED about it! Can't wait until it gets here and when we can start.

We finished our Summer Reading program on Monday. They had a huge party with a game show. My daughter Em & Son Zach were both contestants (they did it according to grade, so they weren't contestants at the same time). Emily did very well, her only problem was she wasn't quick on the button. It was Zach who surprised me most (although it shouldn't have). He was not shy at all, quick on the button and knew the answers and he won his round! It was so funny to see my little boy (okay he is 6) just holding his own.

Not a very good picture, but you get the general idea (he is the one behind the green triangle all the way up front on the left

I did end up having a garden this year, not a huge one but we have some corn, green beans, tomatoes & cukes. I also have some herbs, mint & dill that grew back from last year, echinacea...did extremely well, lemon balm, calendula & basil.

I did get all my state requirements for homeschool done this year, so we are all ready for the coming season, both girls have to be tested for their grades so we will be doing that in the fall.

Not much else comes to mind. Hope you all are having a good summer.

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Snuffsgirl said...

Hello Kay thanks for stopping over, I'm glad you did! **Hugs** I stop in every once in a while and check for any new posts, I saw one on the little ones page, he's gotten BIG!

Lots of things have been going on at our end, I've started studying for my Master Herbalist, we are enjoying our summer of swimming and just started school this last Monday.
I need them to be off in the spring for gardening and the boys work a landscape business they started and business starts to pick up for them. So we went ahead and started!

We are loving our curriculum choices this year, I'm glad to read your excited about your new choice, can you add a link?? I didn't get the abbreviation.

Thanks for stopping in, come back by anytime!