Friday, October 12, 2007

What About Art?

Art is not one of my strongest subjects. Last year I came across the book "How to Teach Art to Children" by Evan-Moor and it was a God-Send. This year, however; I wanted to add something more and I wanted it to coincide with our American History Studies. I also did not want to spend big bucks, so I kept researching different curriculums etc. The ones that had what I wanted were expensive and the ones I could afford, didnt have what I wanted. Then I read someone's blog about the Extension program from the National Gallery of Art. So I decided to send for one of their catalogs. This is a great program. You pick one of their programs from the catalog, mail in you request on a postcard and wait. I picked American Art from 1785-1926, then forgot about it until the Priority Mail truck dropped off the package. It included a "Teacher's Guides:" with information about each artist, a DVD that a had a 20 minutes documentary on each artist, a couple of prints and slides from that artist and a big poster. The best thing of all is that it was FREE! I only have to pay return shipping on the items.

Here is the link if you are interested:

National Gallery of Art Loan Program

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