Monday, June 04, 2007

Book Adventures

My oldest daughter loves to read. She reads anything and everything. I did not do a formal reading program this year, but I new she was reading and comprehending what she was reading (she would usually come and give me an impromptu book report on the lastest book she had just read). Some one on the Well Trained Mind Board mentioned the website Book Adventures for quizzing your child on the books they had read. For each test they complete they get a certain numer of accumulate points for different prizes. I showed this to my daughter and she loved it. She keeps looking for even MORE books to read so she can be quizzed on them. The parent can also have an account linked to their child and it will give them a report of what books the child has been quizzed on and their scores. It also sends an email for approval if when your child picks a prize. We have really been enjoying this site the past few months.

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