Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer Reading Program and DD's BD

Yesterday was my oldest dd's birthday. She is now 9 years old and such a blessing to me. We began by (after tidying up the living room & kitchen) going to the Library to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. We checked out a lot of books (of course all four of my children were signed up!) We came home read a couple of books and then got ready for their aunt's (my sister) visit. She came and got to visit with her niece (and namesake) and then DD and DS (whose BD was last week) went out for lunch and birthday shopping with their grandmother. They came back at four and since our local Fried Chicken place was closed, we drove 20 minutes to the nearest KFC/TB, went for a little exploratory hike where we saw a demolished factory etc. and came back home for dessert.....homemade ice cream cake, instead of the traditional vanilla and chocolate with crushed cookie filling, I made it with mint chocolate chip and chocolate. YUMMY!

We spent more time reading and they are already up to the second prize and then time for bed, the day was concluded by a spectacular thunderstorm.

Now that we have signed up and started the Summer Reading program (and had a few hot and sticky days) I feel as though summer has officially begun!

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