Monday, June 04, 2007

Spelling Time

One website that my daughter and I enjoy for school is called . After signing up with a log in and can set up a childs grade level and have them do the spelling lists on the site or you can modify the program with your own spelling lists. It is set up so they do spelling 5X a week. The first day, the program introduces the words etc, the second day they play a game of hangman and write the spelling words, the third day they do a word scramble with the words...etc. After completing each day sucessfuly the child earns "coins" to play a game. They can then choose one game to play as a reward. My 8 year old daughter really enjoys it. I dont have her do it everday as we are doing Rod & Staff this year with spelling, but I let her do it as a reward. Next year we plan on using McGuffey and I thought I would just modify the lists and add our own words. So if you want a way to "spice" up your spelling program check it out....and the best thing is that it is free!

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