Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Good Day's Work!

I spent most of today outdoors, sifting our soil to separate the "wheat from the chaff". My husband came home 2 weeks ago with 40+ tomato plants .....and I had no place to plant them. So, I told him to get me all the 5 gallon drywall buckets he had (he is a contractor and thankfully saves them) and started working on the dirt pile. I cut holes in the bottom of the containers, put some large rocks and then filled the rest of the bottom with the smaller rocks (that I had sorted from the dirt). Then I filled the buckets with the now nicer soil and planted a tomato in each one. So far we only have 8 buckets, I also had a large rubbermaid container that I had used to keep the childrens toys in, it had a hole and crack in the bucket, so I transferred them to a nicer container (that dh had picked up somewhere) and did the same method to the large container. I was able to fit 5 plants in that, add a couple of smaller tubs and a plastic cauldron (another aquisition of dh's), and a plastic drawer and I was able to plant 6 more plants. Filled 3 empty corners of my squares (now that the lettuce and spinach seem to be done for the season) and I have planted a total of 22 tomato plants. Gave 4 plants to my neighbor and 5 plants had to be composted, so I now have only 9+ tomato plants left to plant. Anyway, my back is a little achy after all that sifting, rock lifting, full bucket carrying and tomato planting, but I feel as though I got a lot accomplished. Thank the good Lord for that! :)

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