Saturday, November 03, 2007


I have been hanging out over at facebook during my computer time having a blast and bad about keeping up with my blog friends lately. I realized just what bunch of computer dead beat friends (in real life) I have, with a few (and I mean 3) exceptions most of my real friends are not into the computer scene.....they barely email, they dont blog and they dont have FACEBOOK (which by the way is so much fun when you have some friends), okay so maybe they have a REAL life and I am a deadbeat...anyway, so most of my friends consist of my college age nephews and nieces and a couple of their am I acting immature for my age by doing this? or do I need to make some new friends. (Of coures I will keep my deadbeat ones too!)


Japangela said...

I don't know when I'm due exactly. Just sometime at the end of June. ;-)

Yeah, I hear ya on the generational gap with Faceb ook. But thankfully I was a youth leader and a school teacher 7yrs ago, so I have a lot of friends in the Facebook Generation!

Amber said...

Question...WHAT IS FACEBOOK?!?! If it's FUN, I'm there my friend!!!

0:) Amber

SharonB said...

I was just cruising around and came across your blog, stopped and visited. Had to laugh, I too am on facebook and most of my friends there are high school and college age.... :0)

Pondering paths along the way said...

Hi there,
I am also on Facebook and it is brilliant - I am under Page Alexanda so it would be great to make contact with new friends on there too.

I love your blog here it is great