Saturday, November 17, 2007

Life as usual

I have a cold and feel very uninspired.

I did cut up a pumpkin and process it today so I made two pumpkin pies.....with eggs from my chickens, kefir & sucanat everything is healthy except the store bought crust. I strongly dislike making pie crust.

My spacebar sticks so it is very annoying to type.....I think I might swap it out for the kids keyboard which is practically brand new. As you can see my life is very exciting right now. I don't even have to plan for Thanksgiving. My SIL is hosting and I only have to bring a sour cherry pie & a green bean casserole (not the traditional ones). I should post recipes for both the pie and the green bean casserole.


jen said...

hope you get better soon

I LOVE pumpkins

have a good thank giving

Snuffsgirl said...

Hello, I'm sorry you don't feel good, I don't have to cook for Thanksgiving either we are going to the Mother In Laws...I have to bring dinner rolls.
If you think of me, keep me in your prayers Monday, I have to undergo the HSG test at 1. I'm really nervous as it is very painful. YUCK.