Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday!

Today I am takcling a corner in my kitchen that has been building up as a hot spot for a few months now.

Here is my before picture:

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I moved the canning stuff down to the basement onto a plastic shelving unit that was in another part of the kitchen. I moved the lego boxes that I had on it to the side of the dresser where the boys had easy access to them. I moved the crates to the other side of the dresser where the canning jar boxes were, still need to find a good spot for it. I wiped down the top and the front of the dresser. I moved the bread box from another part of the kitchen to here. We still need to finish painting the kitchen (hence the two tone) and hopefully now it will be easier for my husband to get to. Its not perfect, but greatly improved. Oh & note the two beautiful jars of cherry pie filling that I canned a couple of months ago...I had four but we used two. :)

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Lori Lee said...

The clutter was hiding that pretty shelf! When I get a project like that done it makes me want to do more.

Christina said...

That looks great, that is a very nice shelf! Isn't something in order wonderful to look at. It reminds me of something in scripture (can't recall exactly where off the top of my head) where it says, The Lord finds beauty in order.
I've cleaned out closets before and have found myself walking by and peaking in to admire how clean it looked! LOL
It makes me want to start on a couple of areas that have gotten out of hand.

Jen said...

WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!

peppylady said...

I love your little shelf. I like to get a shelf of something like that in my dinning room.
Well done for tackle it Tuesday

An Iowa Mom said...



My Tackle It Tuesday is up ... come see!