Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hay Creek Festival

If you noticed I didnt blog yesterday, it was because we were having to much fun at the Hay Creek Festival at Joanna Furnace.

From their website: "MORGANTOWN, PA - Travel back in time and relive 18th and 19th century life at historic Joanna Furnace Iron Plantation. Feel the cool air of the shaded groves, hear the sound of the steam Engine’s whistle, smell the homemade kettle soups cooking in the open fires and watch the Early American craftsmen demonstrate their skills of a time past. Nestled in the groves along Route 10 three miles north of Morgantown, Joanna Furnace was once a cold blast, single stack, Charcoal-fired iron furnace, producing early America’s iron until 1898."

We had a great time watching the glass blower, chair caning, woodcarving, the huge saw mill, blacksmith, (Last year we also saw the potter working on his wheel and the cider mill press, but we missed those demonstrations this year).

Chair Caning

This was the prefect field trip for our American History studies this year.


One of the children's activities were experiencing what it would be like at an archeological dig. Here is Abigail piecing together a broken cup.

Emily is carefully picking at some clay to see if she could find something (she did, there was an old coin inside)
For the younger ones, they had a box full of corn with things hidden in it:

They also had rubbings (different plates with Joanna Furnace pictures on it, take a plain sheet of paper place over the plate and rub the image on the paper with a crayon) and a stamp hunt (8 different stamps, if you collect them all you get a prize at the end)

We had a lot of fun.


Jen said...

wow what a interesting looking day you had
I would LOVE this place too
I LOVE history

Training Hearts said...

Neat post!

Thank you for visiting my blog last week! I'm WAYyyyy behind on returning the visit but I do appreciate the comment.

Have a wonderful week!