Friday, July 20, 2007

Felicity, An American Girl Movie

Tonight I watched "Felicity, An American Girl" movie with my four children. My oldest daughter had read all the Felicity books this summer and I told her we could rent the video when she was done. I was actually very pleased with the movie because I had my misgiving about it and the books because of the one "Meet Felicity" book I read that had a situation where "the ends justified the means". We discussed the problem that I had with the book, which was also in the movie. (I try to point those things out in books and movies not so much to lecture my daughter - sometimes I dont say anything during the movie or book, but discuss it at the end) because it makes my daughter aware of it. I have noticed that because of this that instead of blindly accepting this type of behavior, she will point it out to me in other things.

This is the first time I ever had my daughter (now 9) read a book before watching a movie and I wanted to see how she enjoyed it. I could see her going through the frustration of that wasn't the way it was in the book or they left out my favorite part, but in spite of it, she still enjoyed the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie because it showed Felicity going from a strong headed child to becoming an obedient, responsible young lady. I don't just look for bad language or immodesty in movies, but I look for attitudes, respect and obedience (from the children, especially if they are the main characters). While this wasnt 100% perfect (I havent found a movie yet that is), I do highly recommend it.

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christina said...

I love this post, I do the same thing in our home and it is rewarding when they start picking it up themselves. The next step is teaching them about worldviews and how to pick those out.

We've been discussing humanism (we are studying Greece & Rome) and you don't realize how much of it is engrained in your own thinking until you hold it up to the light of God's word, and picking it out in things we read or watch has brought up interesting conversations around here.

Maybe I should make an entry out of this! Thanks for the idea.