Thursday, July 12, 2007

Malpresentation Pregnancy Poll

I havent found any information in my research of malpresentation (when the baby is not vertical and head down after 37 weeks) with variables that I am looking for. So I thought I would conduct a poll and hoped some ladies would like to input. Here are my questions:

What Position was your baby in:

1) Breech (vertical w/ head up)
2) Transverse (sideways)
3) Oblique (diagonal)
4) Unstable lie (kept changing positions)

Did your baby change positions before you went into labour?

1) Yes
2) No

Did you end up delivering vaginally or c-section?

1) Vaginally
2) C-Section

How far along were you when the baby turned:

1) 38 weeks
2) 39 weeks
3) 40 weeks
4) 41 weeks
5) 42 weeks

How soon after you baby turned did you go into labour?

1) baby turned during labour
2) within hours
3) within 1 day
4) within 2-5 days...please not how many
5) within a week
6) more than a week later

Did you try to get the baby to turn?

1) yes
2) no

If you tried some stuff what did you try, and how often?

Was this your first pregnancy?

1) yes
2) no

If this was not your first pregnancy, had any of your previous pregnancies ended in a c-section

1) yes
2) no

How active were you during your pregnancy

1) very active
2) pretty active
3) somewhat active
4) a little active
5) I was a slug

When you were sitting, did you usually sit:

1) upright
2) slouched back
3) leaned forward

Thanks so much for any input!

You can either leave your results in the comments or email me!


Jackie said...

Hi...I just found your blog from 7xsunday...I'm expecting my second baby...looks like we have the same due date according to our tickers. My first was as c/section due to the doctor wanting more was in good position. This time we are having unassisted childbirth at home. We're missionaries in Paraguay. I've only had one ultrasound done at 6 months, baby was head down then. I would strongly suggest that you check out
There is a lot of info there on babies position. I'll be back to visit you...maybe we'll have our babies the same day! :-)

Jackie said...

Hi Kay...thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love comments! :-) I will fill out your poll after this's my first birth story ( like I said in the first comment, she was head down, no malpresentation. This pregnancy, I'm pretty sure she is head down (we hear the heart below, feel kicks on the top of the belly, etc) but I'm not sure whether she is posterior or not. I do excercises to encourage her into the anterior postion such as leaning forward when reading or watching TV, I make sure not to recline, and sleep on my left side. My parents were missionaries in the Amazon jungle of Venezuela, and my dad delivered many babies in thier ten years in that village. To my knowledge, there was only one breech birth (out of like 40-50 births) my personal opinion as to why such few breech's is that they were very active, and did not recline. When the women were in canoes, they were leaning forward. When they were working in the gardens, they were squatting. They squatted a lot...around the fire, in the home, etc. American women, however, tend to do a lot of reclining while driving in the car, sitting at the computer, or just sitting in the lazy chair. KWIM? Maybe that had something to do with the highrate of breech in the US vs. the low rate of breech/malpresentation in the jungle? (And the one breech birth in the village was delivered successfully.) It can be done! Don't know if that helped or not...just some thoughts I had.

Christy said...

I found your blog from reading 7xSunday, and I thought I'd answer your poll since I had some fun with my baby girl turning.. (she's now 10 months old)

1. Her position was unstable, she would change positions because I had A LOT of room in there for her.

2. Yes she changed positions before I went into labour, many times. She could still flip around whenever, so just when I thought she was in the correct position, a few hours later, ooops, she's head up again.

3. I delivered vaginally.

4. I was late in my 39th week when she was turning and I was dilating and we needed her to get her head down.

5. When we got her turned for sure with her head down they popped my water so that she couldn't turn again ;)

6. Yes, the midwife and her assistant manually worked at her until they got her turned. They positioned themselves, one near her feet (my lower abdomen) and one near her head (near my ribs) and slowly but very physically pushed and pulled at her, just massaging my belly etc etc. They got her to where she was horizontal across my belly and kept working until she was finally down.
Before all this, I went to a chiropractor, put ice up where her head was and sat in a warm bath to encourage her to head for the warm (which seemed to work, but she could turn as soon as the ice was gone) I layed with my head down and my feet up... like on an ironing board propped on the couch. I got on my hands and knees and rocked... lol

7. This was my second pregnancy.

8. My other birth was vaginal also, no c-sections here.

9. I was somewhat active... I had a 2 year old :)

10. I probably sat upright or leaned forward.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions, email me at