Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kittens Again!

My cat was starting to get fat...I figured it was a change in her food that was causing it.....until a couple of weeks ago and then I knew, but was trying to deny.....until last week when the girls started commenting on the fact that Marble that cat looked like she was going to have kittens. They already knew what a queen cat looked like from her previous pregnancy.

Yesterday we were discussing it at lunch and my husband was wondering if perhaps it wasnt kittens but cancer...the girls of course didnt like this idea. Well when my husband came home last night, I was able to call him into the living room and tell him that cat did not have cancer...for there was one little kitten....a couple of hours later she gave birth to two more. So we now have three kittens (again....she gave birth to four last time but one was a still birth).

We were going to get her fixed but the timing and stuff just wasnt right. I didnt even think she had much opportunity to get pregnant, but I guess she had enough!

I will post a picture when I get my film developed....also has my girls baptism on it!

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