Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little bit of this

I went out this morning and picked another couple dozen of Japanese Beetles off my plants this morning. I havent set up a trap because I think that would just attract more beetles. I probably should try spraying them with soapy water though. We missed picking a couple of our "pickle" size cucumber and they grew huge, they tasted really good as cucumbers too! I will have my first salad cucumber ready to pick in a couple of days. I have lots of tomatoes, but I dont know why they are so slow in turning red! Corn is growing high, but no cobs yet....I am really hoping that the destruction my chickens did to my garden back in June hasnt set it back THAT much, but we are enjoying it anyway.

We have hit the 250 mark on our summer reading program. I hope to reach 300 mark before the baby is born (and the cut off date of August 4) so I better get crackin. We have read some old favorites such as Henry & Mudge, George and Martha, Frog & Toad, Curious George, "Where's My Teddy?" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" as well as discovered some new favorites such as "Aunt Eater's Mysteries", Lynley Dobb books "Slinky Malinki" and "Hairy Maclary" and books by Marguerite Angeli....they really loved "Yonie Wondernose" I think I have read more books to them this summer than I have in the entire school year last year.

Well I still have some cleaning to do before this baby is born and my mom comes. My boys room looks like a war zone, I am seriously thinking of decorating it in camouflage (Walmart has a cute bedroom set, not that we are going to get it right now), some walls and doors to wipe and toilets to clean!


Christina said...

Hey There! I'm so glad to hear your well, you've been on my mind, so when that happens I pray for ya'.

I've been pickin' those Japanese beetles myself, they are awful little bugs, rank right up there with mosquitos. I finally got enough tomatoes to can a few jars, I canned pickled peppers today, and squash relish, oh, and 2 jars of pickled okra. Oh yeah, I've made 3 batches of pickles so far too mmmmm. Talk to you soon!


Jen said...

sounds yummy
wtg on the reading sure is a lot of books

Anonymous said...

Kay, I just read on WTM that you are getting VERY close to having the baby and wanted to say I will be thinking of you in the days to come. I hope all goes perfectly and that you are able to have the home birth.

We have so many japanese beetles it's crazy- they clog up the pool filter and eat everything in sight but I have noticed that once they come through they do move on fairly quickly so we havent' sprayed them at all. We lost one zucchini plant, and with all the zucchini we have we could stand to lose one zucchini plant!

Anyway, blessings to you and the new little one!

(happy@home on WTM and hillmanacres on homesteadblogger :) )

Sunnyflowers said...

Hi Kay! Was just thinking about you and tracked you down here. Prayers for a quick, uneventful delivery, wherever you end up doing it. :-)