Thursday, July 05, 2007

Our Fourth of July Celebration.

We had a great celebration yesterday. We started the morning by making some blueberry scones from our fresh blueberries. We then walked down a friends house (about a 1/2 mile from us) who lives right on the main street where the parade passes by. She has a nice porch you can sit on or sit by the curb, she also a breakfast spread set up so we can eat and watch the parade. I added the scones to the table and gave her some fresh eggs from our chickens.

After the parade we went home and I made two pies: cherry & blueberry from the fresh cherries and blueberries we had picked that Sunday.

After naptime we headed to our friends house for dinner. She had grilled chicken and hot dogs. They were really good. It started raining right before we were ready to go to the park for the fireworks and other stuff, but we just grabbed umbrellas and went anyway. The kids had a fun time walking around and I bought some cotton candy for my children to taste and share. Since we still had some time before the actual firework display we decided to go back home (our friends house) and dry off.

When it came time for the fireworks it had stopped raining and did not start until they were almost over.

We all had a good time.

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