Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Exhausted Update

I just want to thank all who have been praying. I can definitely feel the difference....there is very little pain nursing, I wouldnt even call it pain, just tenderness. I still use the guard, and will until it is completely gone. Baby has slept well the past two nights, just waking to be fed and then going back to sleep, he only woke up once last night and nursed a good 40 minutes on one side...first time to do that in "one" sitting because of my soreness problems. He and I also napped well yesterday. Thanks again.

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Jacque Dixon said...

I am so glad you are getting more rest! It is so hard to do things when you are exhausted.... I know.
I did get up the post and linky for the 5ish books for children. I am going to get the code in the comment box(I think I forgot to do that!), so then you can put it on your blog and pass it around!!