Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Meanderings


MON - Acts 3
TUE - Acts 4
WED - Acts 5
THU - Acts 6
FRI - Acts 7
SAT - Acts 8
SUN - Acts 9


Start preparing for the beginning of the school year by working on routines.
Call the school district to arrange to pick up my daughter's portfolio
Pick up books/videos on hold from the library


okay, I fell off the flylady bandwagon a long time ago, after having a new baby, I definitely need to get back on. Instead of working in one zone for the week, I am going to try and jumpstart by working in one zone each day.....15 minutes should do the trick. ;)

MON: Kitchen......reorganize pantry,
TUES: Help boy clean their room
WEDS: School room (my dining room) organize school cabinet, clean floor
THURS: Living Room: Dust & Wash windows
FRI: Master Bedroom .....tidy, get cobwebs, clean Master Bath
SAT: Home Blessing


Work with Ben on first time obedience.
Work with the girls on doing a thorough job with their kitchen chores.
Work with Zach on putting he shoes away when he takes them off.


When I plan my menu's I usually just plan 7 meals for the week because I have found when I assign them days, it usually doesnt work with having meal plans at least I have an idea whats for dinner and can play it by ear what is going to work for that day.....So here are my 7 meals....but they may not be served on the day listed

MON - Friend Bringing supper ,
TUE - Pancakes & Bacon
WED - Pizza
THU - Sausage and Potatoes
FRI - Friend Bringing supper
SAT - Tomato Basil Squares
SUN - Danny's Dinner


KC said...

Looks like a busy week ahead. I'm a flylady drop out LOL.. just too organized for me. but hopefully this monday meanderings will help me be a little more organized.
I'm also with you on assinging a day to my meals it never works out that we eat the meals on the day I lay out in my menu plan.

Have a wonderful week

Anonymous said...

Your menu and goals sound really great for the week! I like how you have what chapter you will be reading daily. Maybe I will try that next week!



Karen said...

I like the way you did your zones, I might have to try that! Happy Monday:-)

Tiany said...

You have a wonderful plan set up! We too are working on first time obedience! Its not always easy is it?

Praying you have a blessed and productive rest of the week!