Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Meanderings

MON - Acts 7
TUE - Acts 8
WED - Acts 9
THU - Acts 10
FRI - Acts 11
SAT - Acts 12

Start working out again
Start school
Return DVDs to the library, pick up other items on hold

House Blessing

Continue to work on first time obedience
Work on character training


When I plan my menu's I usually just plan 7 meals for the week because I have found when I assign them days, it usually doesnt work with having meal plans for the week at least I have an idea whats for dinner and can play it by ear what is going to work for that day.....So here are my 7 meals. The ladies at church, my homeschool group and a couple of friends have, thankfully,been so kind in bringing meals after the baby was born, that has now stopped, so I am on my own for meals, hence the simplicity of my menu.

Sliced Ham, Pineapples, Rice, Cucumbers
Hamburgers, Corn on the Cob
Spaghetti, Salad & Garlic Bread
Chicken Fajitas
Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon
Chicken, Broccoli & Rice
Tomato Basil Squares (I didnt make this last week)


Heather said...

Sounds like a great plan. I do that sometimes as well. My plans are to keep me on the right meal path and then I take it day by day from there! HA. Have a great week.

Jammy said...

I switch my days all around every week, too. I like to have that much freedom. Either way, each day has a meal planned and the ingredients are here and sure pays to have a plan!!

Jenn :)

Julie said...

I make my meal plans the same way, not assigning a specific day to a specific meal. Way more freedom and flexability. Good luck with starting school...this is week two for us. Julie.

tegdirb92 said...

I remember wanting to make those squares last week--yum. Enjoy your delicious week ahead :)

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said...

I like your ideas of not assigning days. Then I can give hubby and either or choice.

Sherry said...

I am working on first time obedience with my children as well. Unfortunately, I started late and it is making it all the harder for me to get them to mind.

If only I knew THEN what I know NOW!

Have a very blessed week!


Tiany said...

Wonderful plan for the coming week! We have to get out all of our "Raising Godly Tomatoes" notebook and reread and reinforce many of its wonderful discipline's such as first time obedience! :-)

Thanks for sharing your plans with us I pray you have a very productive and blessed week!