Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Go Figure

Go Figure @ Multi-Tasking Moms

Multi-Tasking Moms are having a contest. The Winner receives the new Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim System from Leslie Sansone.

I am finding this contest timely because now that I am almost 4 weeks postpartum, I am really wanting to get back into my excercise program. One of my favorite workout DVD's that I use is Leslie Sansone's "Walk Away the Pounds Express 1 mile & 2 mile" This has been a great DVD because with now 5 children, getting out for a good workout walk isn't usually possible. I can do this in all kinds of weather, right in my own home and my children love to do the workout with me.

One things I have found helpful in losing weight, besides replacing my beverages with water and herbal teas is cutting back on my carbs, and eating only healthy carbs when I do have them. My midwife had me do this while I was pregnant (I could only have 80g carbs a day and 80g of protein) and I actually lost a total of 12 pounds during the pregnancy bringing me 25 pounds lighter than I was when I started. I still have a ways to go because of the weight gain from my previous pregnancies (I was 80 pounds over weight), but I feel as though I have a head start and I know where my problem is....white sugar and white flour and to much of it!