Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In a Pickle

We have been reaping many pickle/cucumbers the past month, but with having a baby (and needing a couple of ingredients), I havent had time to do anything with them. Finally I decided not to really can them, but just experiment a little bit with putting them up cold. So I picked some fresh dill from my garden, cut up the cucumbers into quarters, sliced some garlic and put it all in a pint size jar. I filled the jar half way up with white vinegar (I couldn't find my Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar) and the rest with water. I added a spoonful of salt and put the jar in the refrigerator yesterday morning. Last night I decided to see how they were coming along. They were so good that I and some of my children at the whole jar full. So I cut more up, stuck them in the jar with the leftover "juice" and refrigerated them overnight. We ate that jar this morning and I made some more for tonight. YUM!


Jen said...

yum :)
have a lovely week

Christina said...

Um, I now Christening the Superwoman. Here's a shiny new cape and belt for you. I'm truly impressed you were able to can cukes right now.


Kay in PA said...

Thanks Christina LOL....but I didnt technically "can" them, that would involve processing through either cooking, blanching, or freezing etc....., I just cut them up, stuck them in a jar and added seasonings and put them in the fridge....and I only did that with one jar, when it is empty, I just cut up more and put them in. Pretty easy.....but I will take the cape anyway....navy/cobalt blue is my favorite color. ;)

Angela said...

The pickles sound good!