Monday, August 20, 2007


I guess I have been spoiled.....either that or my memory is just bad. I dont remember the adjustment period of having a new baby being so difficult. It's supposed to get easier.....the soreness breastfeeding, sleeping a little longer during the night and taking over my household tasks...I must be getting old. I am still sore nursing, even broke down and supplemented with formula for a couple of days, until my husband got be a nipple shield...which has helped so that I am nursing full time again, but I am still sore, I know in the past it always cleared up within 1-2 weeks, but its almost been a month now. He is supposed to be easing into his sleeping and napping schedule, but for the past four days he has having a wakeful period during the night that nursing and going back to sleep isnt working and during nap time, even after keeping him up for a couple of hours he wont go to sleep. I can handle a lot of things, been not when I am tired. I know that this too shall pass (hopefully sooner than later) , but in the meantime, I am exhausted.

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Japangela said...

It was hard with Glory. My nipples hurt so bad, even past the three week mark. I was beginning to wonder. And she always wanted to be held. I couldn't put her down. That was a season of many hours spent watching VHS movies like Christy and Hornblower and Love Comes Softly series. It must be bad if you're using a shield. I remember crying before Glory would wake up because of the anticipation of feeding her, and I cried while feeding her, too. Have you contacted LLL yet? We still may be coming up your way, but we're not sure on the dates. I'll keep you posted.