Friday, August 24, 2007

Five Basic Rules

My children were complaining the other day about there being so many rules to remember. I said "Yes, it may seem like a lot of rules, but they really fall under five basic rules.....if you can remember these rules and ask if what you are about to do fits under these rules, then life will be that much easier on you."

Here are our five basic rules:

1. Show Respect.....respect others, their property, yourself & your property
2. Obey the first time and as soon as you are told!
3. Clean up after yourself.
4. No loud or repetitive noises in the house.
5. Think before you what you are about to do end up being harmful to yourself or somone else or does it follow the above rules?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your rules are similar to ours. What is it with the loud repetitive noises in the house? Of course my response to this is always gentle and sweet, you know the, "Oh Children I call in my sweet low tone, your driving your mother to drink, would you take your loud voices and quietly bring them outside, (dropping my voice to a lower gentle tone) before I SCREAM." All while I sweetly smile at them. aaaaaahhhhhhh serenity.