Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our School Room

Since I have alread blogged about some of the Homeschool Open House topics during "Back to school week" and since I now have a digital camera, I can post pictures. Something I have been wanting to do for a while is show pictures of our school room. Not because it is a great schoolroom (though it works for us), but I know how much I enjoy looking at other's school rooms and getting ideas for organizing.

These are our main school bookshelves, they are set up in a general Dewey Decimal way, with some exceptions (such as my Landmark book collection).
These books are mostly non-fiction/reference books. (oh and my photo albums are on top). We have another bookshelf upstairs in the hall with fiction/picture books on it.

Here is my oldest dd, modeling her desk for you! It sits right behind my desk, facing the other wall.

This is our printer/copier and where my younger children color or work on their lessons

This is my desk...where all those messy paperwork is, is where I usually have my teacher's manuals for the year....we obviously haven't started yet...it is to the left of the desk above

Our school cabinet where we have our tape-CD player, crafts, puzzles, school supplies etc. The doors do close and hide the mess....this is to the right of the of my desk and the printer desk

on the opposite wall is my husbands desk, since it is for his job, I didnt take a picture of it.

I have find having a school room setting handy, because everything is in reach and in one central location and yet everyone has their space also. We do reserve our kitchen table for any messy schoolwork we might be doing such as arts and crafts and coloring and of course the sofa for a good family read aloud or watching educational DVD's.

I did have the traditional maps on the walls, but as we needed the wall space for other things (such as hubby's space), they came down and are now kept rolled up and we pull them out as needed, they are actually more interactive this way as we can do boat races across the ocean.

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