Monday, August 06, 2007

Hairy MaClary & Slinki Malinki

One thing I like about the Summer Reading Program at the library is that we are more likely to try new and different books than we normally would during the school year. This year we came across a series that evidently is known and enjoyed by others. These are the "Hairy MaClary" and "Slinky Malinki" series by Lynley Dodd (and her other books that we have read are also cute). While not an in depth, kind of book, these are cute, written in rhyme, stories of a dog named Hairy he performs at a dog show, how is scatters the neighborhood cats etc... and a cat named Slinky Malinki....oh and what happens when Slinky Malinki opens that last door? My children enjoyed reading and rereading these books. There are some good new vocabulary words to be learned that you dont often find in children's book. I would definitely recommend and according to Amazon, I am not alone!

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